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Private Tuition 

Stuck in a rut? Need inspiration? Fed up with your repertoire? Want to learn some style or may be struggling with technique? Panic not as we have a cure!

We now offer private tution through our 'dance clinics' where you can improve your dancing by learning correct footwork, lead & follow techniques, spinning and style or enhance your repertoire of moves on a private one to one basis. Private lessons are specifically tailored to individual requirements. Through one on one tuition, we will be able to help you make essential changes, giving you the confidence to take your dancing to the next level.

Whether a nervous novice or budding Fred & Gingers, we offer lessons for all levels of dancer. As well as one on tuition, we can also arrange private tuition for dance couples or small groups.

We also offer lessons to couples getting ready for the First Dance on their special day.

Video Analysis Clinics

Video Analysis is an invaluable tool to help identify any problems such as posture, footwork, weight transfer, spare arm and other technique or style issues that may be preventing you from developing into a smooth and stylish dancer.

We will give you constructive feedback as well as suggestions to help improve your dancing. We will also give you a DVD recording of your session.

Lessons can be held either during the day or evening at a convenient location to you.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please e-mail 


On a Serious Note

A few polite reminders.... to help us to keep our dancers and venues happy,

1. Please do not use Talc in any venue.  Anybody found to be using their own talc will be asked to remove it. If you are finding the quality of the floor a problem, please speak to the Venue Host on duty.

2. Please do not bring your own drinks into any venue - soft or alcoholic (except at the Hilt where you can bring your own alcohol) as this can affect their licence and our relationship with the venue.  Please help us to maintain good relationships with our venues and adhere to this policy.  We reserve the right to confiscate any drinks found at venues that have not been purchased from the premises.  These will be retuned to you at the end of the night upon request.

3. Please bring a change of top or 2, sweat towel, extra deodorant and let's keep it fresh, particularly during the summer heat!

4. Leaders - please be mindful of your floorcraft - be aware of who's around you and look after your partner. A quick check over your shoulder always helps. And if there is a bump - a sorry and a smile goes a really long way and is basic dance floor courtesy.

5. Get stuck in and ask! It's always a bit embarrassing to start with, but that's how we do it at Ceroc! Try never to say no if you're asked so that we continue to dance with everybody and keep the venues pumping all night. Don't worry if you get knocked back.... it's probably nothing personal.....unless number 3 not adhered to!!

6. Most importantly - remember to smile! Ceroc is FREESTYLE - things go wrong all the time and that's part of the fun! Enjoy, make the most of your mistakes by having a giggle with your partner and styling it out! We'd much rather dance with someone who is friendly, smiling, encouraging and having fun rather than someone who's concentrating hard!


Thank you